A hub for your weekend getaway with companions and loved ones.

With a full kitchen, a large lounge area, and sleeping space for up to 21, the Shalom Center is a great place for a your group, a family getaway or a vacation with friends. Whether you are looking for a hub for your daily adventures or just the chance to get away from life’s distractions and be together, Shalom Center is the place.


Book Shalom today by contacting our office: | 715-859-2215


  • 21 beds
  • 9 sleeping rooms (one handicap bedroom)
  • Shared bathroom & showers
  • Wifi
  • Full kitchen w/ two ovens
  • Upstairs lounge/meeting area with view of lake and deck access
  • Lower level large meeting space with lounge area, projector, tables, and chairs setup

COST: $380 one night stay  |  $725 (weekend rate) + $210 each additional night


DEPOSIT: 25% of estimated cost