How to Communicate With Your Camper

This summer you can also send an electronic message to your camper through the “LPBC Message LooP”.  You can click on this link and send messages and view pictures of your camper’s week here at camp. To ensure camper safety, the only way you can access this information is if you know the camper’s registration number or the last name/month of the camper’s birth. You can share this link with family or close friends who would like to send a message to your camper.


You can ALSO send a letter via the US Postal Service
Luther Park Bible Camp
Att: Your Camper’s Name
944 24 1/4 Street
Chetek, WI 54728


In most cases, we request that campers do not talk with their parents over the phone. Oftentimes talking with parents in the middle of the week makes campers feel homesick. Also, if your camper is talking to you during the week and then returns and shares that information with his/her fellow campers, the other campers might get homesick and/or feel badly. Our goal is to help the campers ‘unplug’ from the world and feel the connections around them. The connections with nature, with fellow campers, with counselors, and with God. An additional goal is to take that new-found connectedness back home with them and share it with their family.

Please do not arrange a certain time to call your camper or for your camper to call you.  Please do not give them a cell phone to call you with.

If you have special concerns feel free to call 715-859-2215 to speak with the Program Coordinator about your camper. Thank you.