Health Care Policies

Do I need a physical by a physician? We recommend one but it is not required.

Do I have to complete the Camper Health,  Emergency and Authorized Information Form each year? Yes.  Children cannot stay at camp without a current form filled out and signed by his/her legal guardian/parent.

When is the form due? Either mail it two weeks before your start date to get in the Express Registration Lane or bring the signed form with you to camp at check-in time.

What if I have medications? We have trained medics who will collect all medications when you check in.  Each camper is given his/her medications according to the directions given to us by the physician.  Medications must be in original labeled   container which should contain only the amount needed during your child’s camp stay.

May I send over-the-counter (OTC) meds? Only if you have a signed doctor’s order and they are in their original packaging. We do have stock acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and generic Clarinex. We dispense these according to doctor’s standing orders on an as needed basis.

May I send just one or two pills in a baggie? No. According to state law, each medication brought by the camper must be clearly labeled by a pharmacy with the doctor’s name, directions and name of medication.   Any non-labeled medications will be sent home.

What about insurance? Each camper is covered primarily by their own insurance and secondarily by Luther Park’s Accident Insurance Policy.

Will my Child be safe? We do all we can to minimize risk. The staff is highly trained.  There are Emergency Responders and/or a nurse available 24 hours a day whether your child is In-Camp, at the Forest n’Farm, at the Woods or off-site. There are certified lifeguards at the waterfront and with all canoes and kayaks. Counselors go through two to three weeks of training including first aid and CPR.

A doctor is available on call. The health and safety of each camper is a primary concern of our staff. Safety rules are enforced.

The doctor has signed a Health Care Plan that allows us to give your child over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, cough syrup, tums, etc. for certain symptoms. This plan also gives instructions on treatments of injuries and illness. All campers are treated according to the Health Care Plan.

A member of the Health Care Team makes every attempt to notify parents of health issues promptly. You will be notified of everything but “bandaid” type injuries and/or illnesses as per the protocol below.

  • NON-EMERGENCY (Minor Illness, Minor Injury)
    –After treating according to the Health Care plan, contact parent/guardian for every injury and/or illness requiring more than just “bandaid-type treatment”. This includes possible strains, sprains, and/or large bruises. Some parents may want to come pick up their child and take them to the doctor. Parents will also be notified of any injury sustained as a result of safety rules not being followed.
  • URGENT (Non-Life Threatening)
    –The Health Care Coordinator, Medic (a Nurse or First Responder), or Health Care Team Member (a First Responder) will use their best judgment in calling 911 or parents first. LPBC prefers all transportation be done by ambulance or parent.
    –Contact parents/guardian as soon as possible
  • EMERGENCY (Life-Threatening)
    –Call 911 for ambulance service
    –Contact parents/guardian as soon as possible