Spring Work Day

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Work Day 2020 was cancelled, but we’re happy to have a long list of projects that can keep many groups of volunteers stay distanced for work day 2021!

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Summary from the 2019 Volunteer Day:

What a day! What a day!   I know prayer works, but I was so happy it worked this week.   I don’t think we would be feeling as great about the day if there would have been snow as was predicted.   The collection of volunteers from the many churches was a successful effort.  The enthusiasm, talent, and work ethic was so visible this year.   Over the years “The Spring Service Day” has accomplished a lot, but we now have a standard to strive for and to exceed.

All in, we had 60 volunteers + or – one or two.  This includes those who signed in and those that didn’t like the youth who definitely worked very hard from what I could see.   So, with some people who had to leave early  we didn’t have a full 8 hours out of everyone.  With the 60 people I think it is safe to say we can count a total of 420 hours of Volunteer service for Luther Park on Saturday alone.   Paula, Alden and I had more on Friday, and with organization time for the day I can report 475+ hours for this event.

A list of projects includes:

  1. Playground Assembly – 90%  Complete  (Concrete and Mulch needed)
  2. Spider Web Assembly – 90%  Complete (Mulch and Web Install needed)
  3. Pole Electric Wiring x 2
  4. Chapel Cleaning and Prep
  5. Pool House Wiring
  6. Plumbing – Numerous Awesome Projects
  7. Lean-To on the Garage – 90% (Still Needs Roof)
  8. Deep Clean 4 Girls Cabins  – This team went for a deep, deep clean result
  9. Beach/Amphitheater Clean-up
  10. Canoes/Kayaks/Paddleboard Moved out
  11. Deck Railing Removal
  12. Event Fence stretched out – Poles to follow later
  13. Wood Splitting – A lot of it!
  14. Dining Hall Window Washing
  15. Brush Cutting Along Fence/Brush Hauling
  16. Trail clean up – Youth cleared all the branches from the trails
  17. Folded newsletters
  18. Partial pool deck power washing  on Friday
  19. Limb cutting around the camp
  20. And a WHOLE LOT OF RAKING – and hauling of needles and leaves – and there is still more to do  …

The volunteers were so awesome, and I am so excited to have shown what this one day can do for the camp to more churches.  I can’t find words to who my gratitude for how hard everyone worked, the great attitude and spirit of the day, and the quality of work that was completed.  I can’t wait till next year!  SAVE THE DATE:  April 25th, 2020


Warmest Blessings,


Scott Davis

Volunteer Day Coordinator