Lower Trading Spaces: Completed Grades 3-5
Upper Trading Spaces: Completed Grades 6-8

July 23-28

Check-in: 3PM at Luther Park

Closing Worship: 11AM at Luther Park

Pick-up: 12PM at Luther Park

Come join us for a week experiencing the best of both sites.  There will be two groups of campers and on Wednesday you will TRADE SPACES!

At Luther Woods you will swim in the lake, hike on the trails, play in a big open field, bunk in a canvas platform tent, and help cook your own meals over the fire.

At Luther Park you can swim in the pool, pontoon on the lake, play basketball or volleyball, bunk in a cabin and eat in the dining hall.



  • This is a full-week program. Half the week is spent at Luther Park and half the week is spent at Luther Woods
  • Experience the best of both sites in one week- the adventure of rustic camping at Luther Woods and the energy of Luther Park while staying in cabins
  • Highlighted Activities include: Swimming in a lake and pool, canoeing, craft time, playing large group games like Seven Keys, exploring faith, participating in Friday’s All-Camper Led Worship
  • Participate in a special trading spaces ceremony Wednesday
Deposit: $150 Cost: $425