Luther Park Philosophy

At Luther Park, our mission is to prepare the way of the Lord in partnership with Lutheran congregations reaching out to touch people of all ages through the natural setting that camp provides.

Luther Park Bible Camp staff is motivated by faith to share faith.  We will live out the Gospel by nurturing the discipleship journey for participants of every age.

  • Scripture, prayer and worship will be a part of the program each day.
  • Stewardship of the land and resources will be modeled in all we do.
  • Small groups will be utilized so that participants can relate to others for personal growth.
  • All participants will be encouraged and given the opportunity to serve the Lord, for the sake of the kingdom.

At Luther Park participants will be given the opportunity for life changing adventures in Christ.

  • Each participant will experience Christ through life in the community of believers.
  • Stories ABOUT Jesus will be told. Life walking WITH Jesus will be modeled.
  • Campers, of all ages will be challenged to think about and discuss faith and values with others.
  • Grace moments will be encountered through the witness of others.
  • Young campers will encounter Christ in trusted relationships with highly trained role-models.
  • Life at camp will be marked by opportunities for experiential learning and creative worship experiences.

Luther Park values and will nurture our congregational relationships.

  • All programs are designed to be an extension of the congregation’s ministry.
  • We provide a place and a time apart from the world for congregational groups (choirs, councils and committees as well as youth groups) to plan, experience and grow together.
  • Provide programming in the summer as well as year round for youth and adults.
  • Provide retreat space and hospitality for groups to come and provide their own program.

Luther Park creates a safe environment for sharing and growth of the whole person.

  • Campers’ physical safety is a priority.
  • The camp environment is a safe place to share joys, sorrows and questions.
  • Campers are encouraged to share their faith in a safe and loving environment.

Luther Park will practice hospitality in all that we do and through who we proclaim to be as the people of God.

  • All guests are welcomed as CHRIST in our presence.
  • Guests will arrive to find a safe, clean and welcoming environment.
  • The staff is trained with a servant attitude.
  • We are Christ- centered, needs driven ministry- the needs of our guest come first.

Luther Park will be a model of Creation Stewardship.

  • Every guest will encounter our care for the earth by seeing clean grounds.
  • Recycling will be practiced and encouraged.
  • Appreciation for our natural surroundings and education about the environment will be part of our programs.

Luther Park will help to strengthen the church by raising up leaders.

  • We will help each participant celebrate and recognize their own God given gifts.
  • Participants will be helped to discover that they each can and do “make a difference”.
  • Being a Christian and being at camp is fun.  Discipleship as a lifestyle is modeled.
  • God is calling EVERYONE- living as a “child of God” is vocation.  Some will recognize a call to public ministry through staff and/ or leadership experiences while at camp. All are called to serve and live as the children of God.