Spring Work Day

Join us this year on Saturday, April 25th

For more information please click on the link below for our poster with details:http://lutherpark.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/image-2.png

Another great Service Day and what a day it was. Absolutely amazing performance from everyone! Just think about it, you gave one day – 8 hours – and Luther Park gains so much. I want to put this in perspective for all of you.

-A total of 270+ volunteer hours were logged in just one day for LPBC!
-We had volunteers from all ages and generations working side by side (Age 4 to More than that)
-We all met new friends and got to know old friends better
-Many of you taught someone a new skill and some of you learned skill
-In the end the team completed 11 projects and made substantial progress on a really big roofing project
-Everyone enjoyed a great lunch featuring Dave’s blue gill fish fry and Beth’s amazing chicken salad, deserts, and you name it…..

I know many of you only saw one project today, but I assure you many were completed. I can also assure you that you have a good reason to be tired this evening. You all worked incredibly hard.

Here’s the list:

-Cleaned and organized the Camp Store
-Painted the Dining Hall ceiling
-Painted the Men’s room in the Dining Hall
-Washed all windows in the Dining Hall
-Cleaned window sills in the Dining Hall
-Painted 3 bedrooms in Covenant House
-Raking around the 9 square and Gaga Ball pit (only area without snow)

-Washed all the windows in the Covenant House
-Washed all of the mattresses in 4 camper cabins
-Put in new lights and completely updated the wiring in the Nature Center and Tent Storage Shed
-Assembled holes 10-18 for the frisbee golf course – install after snow melts
-Shingling the Quonset hut

We WILL do this again next year, and it would be great if you could join in again and bring a hard working friend to help us make even a bigger impact by giving – Just One Day – to LPBC!