Spring Work Day

The Luther Park 2018 Work Day will be held April 21, 2018. To be involved, please RSVP by April 16, 2018. To RSVP e-mail Scott Davis by CLICKING HERE

Areas Of Need:

1. Put metal roof on the firewood storage building at the Farm
2. Shingle south half of Quonset Shed at Farm—Camp has the shingles
3. Install lights in the Quonset Shed at the Farm
4. Mulch trails in Rope Course
5. Split and pick up firewood in the Woods
6. Finish clearing the trail thru the Woods for holes 10 thru 18 Disc Golf Course
7. Get 4 Security Pole Lights working around the Welcome Center and Shalom and 1 by the Craft Cabin. Covert to LED
8. Extend the lean-too on the Shop
9. Haul wood and shavings from around the Maintenance Shop
10. Power wash all picnic tables and Benches
11. Power wash the Dining Hall deck
12. Paint perimeter ceiling areas in Dining Hall—2 sections approx. 8’ x 35’ 15 sections approx. 5’ x 8’
13. Stain Exterior of Dining Hall
14. Patch and paint ceiling and walls in Men’s restroom in the Dining Hall
15. Power wash the Covenant Hall deck
16. Prime and Paint 3 bedrooms in Covenant—two walls in each room
17. Fill portable wood racks
18. Stain exterior of cabins—7 left to do– Camp has paint sprayer/brushes
19. Stain front exterior of Welcome Center—Camp has paint sprayer/brushes, this requires ladder work
20. Paint bedroom ceilings in Shalom—9 bedrooms, paint as many as you wish
21. Install vinyl base molding where new carpet was installed in Shalom—150’ gray
22. Sheetrock work needed around new exterior doors in Shalom
23. Wash windows inside and outside in the Dining Hall, Covenant Center, Boys & Girls Cabins
24. Deep cleaning in Boys and Girls cabins
25. Clean out gravel landscape areas around Boys and Girls cabins
26. Stain the shop building
27. Spring cleaning of all flower gardens
28. Plumber to check all shower valves and replace as needed—20 showers, camp has replacement valves