Staff & Board

The Luther Park
Staff Members

Executive Director: Keith Newman
Phone: (715) 859-2215 ext 13

Program Director: Lakyn Muilenburg
Phone: (715) 859-2215 ext 15

Development Secretary/Registrar: Diana Thompson
Phone: (715) 859-2215 ext 10

Retreat Coordinator: Wendy Newman
Phone: (715) 859-2215 ext 11

Development Director: Kellee Petik
Phone: (715) 577-4246

The Luther Park
Volunteer Board Members

Feel free to contact the board member representing your cluster
or representing a committee with any questions you may have regarding Luther Park

-Cluster I-

Mike Kinney (2018)
Property Committee

Paula Davis (2019)
Property Committee

Pastor Jason Clifton (2020)
Property Committee

-Cluster II-

Pastor Brad Peterson (2018)
Secretary/Executive Committee/Program Committee

Carol Dittmar (2019)
Treasurer/Finance Committee/Executive Committee

Whitney Falkenberg (2020)
Program Committee/Development & Marketing Committee

-Cluster III-

Cheryl Johnson (2018)
Property Committee

Joan Moe (2019)
Development & Marketing Committee

Pastor Brahm Semmler Smith (2020)
Property Committee

-Cluster IV-

Pr. Mara Ahles-Iverson (2018)
Program Committee

Don Moats (2019)
Finance Committee

Bryan Staff (2020)