Discounts, Assistance, & Deposit FAQs

Discounts and Financial Assistance


Early Bird discount $20 for week long programs and $10 for half week programs and full week day camp programs if registered and paid in full by May 1. Church sponsorship not paid by May 1 will not affect the early Bird Discount.

First Time Camper Discount $40 discount

2nd Session Discount Had a blast your first session of camp? Return to camp for a second or third week for a discounted price of an additional $40 off each additional week of camp

Sibling Discount After your first child is registered for full price, each additional sibling will receive a Sibling discount: $25 for the first child and $100 for each thereafter for full week programs. (Half week programs: $12 for the first child and $50 thereafter)

Bring a Friend Discount A $25 discount is available when you refer a friend who is new to Luther Park Bible Camp. Your friend must be a First Time Camper. The discount will be approved once your friend registers and is verified as a First Time Camper. A max of 8 friends may be referred by one camper for a discount, that’s $200 off your registration for a full week program. (Half week programs $12 per friend, max of $96)

Discounts at a Glance

Discount Full Week Program ½ Week Programs Full Week Day Camp

(5 days)

Early Bird (stacking)

(paid in full by May 1)

$20 $10 $10
First Time Camper (non-stacking) $40 $20 NA
Second Week (non-stacking) $40 $20 NA
Sibling (non-stacking)

(first child pay full registration)

$25 for additional child

$100 for each thereafter

$12 for additional child

$50 for each thereafter

Bring a Friend (non-stacking) $25 per friend

Max of 8 friends= $200

$12 per friend  

Max of 8 Friends= $96


Discounts are not available for the PALS programs. The early bird discount applied to Day Camp is only available if registered for 5 days of day camp in the same week.  

The early bird discount is the only discount that is stackable. If more than one discount applies to your campers please choose one. If paid in full before May 1 you will also receive the Early Bird Discount.

Financial Assistance

Many congregations have funds available to help with the cost of camp. Contact your church office for more information. Luther Park Bible Camp also provided assistance through Camperships. If you would like to apply for a campership please contact our office 715.859.2215 or download the form online at

What if I still can’t afford for my child to come to camp? We offer Camperships for all programs. It is the policy of Luther Park that no one is turned away regardless of their ability to pay.Click here to download a Campership Request Form.

What will happen to my spending money? All money that your camper brings will be put onto a canteen account. These account cards stay at the canteen at all times. Any money that is not spent will be reimbursed on Friday in sealed envelopes after the closing worship. For more information, go to Canteen Accounts.

When is the Camp Store / canteen open? At check-in and departure times as well as in the afternoons while the campers are at camp. We limit snacks to one beverage, one ice cream, and one treat/snack per open canteen session.

Do I pay extra for crafts? No. The cost of crafts is covered in your camp registration fee. If you want to purchase a white t-shirt or bandanna to tie dye, you can use money off of the camper’s canteen account. Or bring your own items to tie dye.

Will an offering be collected at camp? Yes, every camper will learn about our Mission Offering.  They will have the opportunity to donate during canteen and then again at closing worship and Canteen Card Reimbursement.  Please talk with your camper about the amount you would like them to give from their canteen money.


  • A DEPOSIT of $125 is required for full-week camps, $50 for Discovery Camp, $10 for Day-at-Camps; and $225 per family for Family Camp. (Discounts cannot be used to apply towards the deposit.) 
  • The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable after May 1. If cancellation occurs prior to May 1, the deposit will be refunded less a $25 processing fee.
  • The balance of the Registration Fee needs to be mailed, two weeks prior to your camp’s start date. You can also bring your final payment and health form with you when you come to check in, but know that it will slow down your registration experience.