Endowment Fund

A legacy that will live on.

The people who founded Luther Park Bible Camp back in 1932 were people of vision.

The vision was that future generations would need and appreciate a place like Luther Park where people would gather around the Word, hear and heed the call of God in Christ, and build their lives upon the same faith that sustained the founders.

In those early years, and for decades afterwards, the youth groups of congregations were strong. Luther League was the name of organized youth ministry throughout the church. Young people gathered together under the banner of Luther League to do ministry.

In the spirit of the youth ministry of days gone by and in the desire to come together to follow Jesus Christ today, Luther Park has established the Legacy League.

The Legacy League honors and recognizes those who have included Luther Park Bible Camp in their estate plans. Such an act today will have an effect upon future generations. These gifts assure that the Bible Camp will have the means to provide opportunities for people of all ages to be drawn close to Christ, the church and each other through the 21st Century and beyond.

Luther Park invites you to consider membership in the Legacy League by including the Bible Camp and its ministry in your estate plan. This can be done simply and easily through a bequest in your will or by adding a codicil to an existing will.

Or you may choose to make a gift of life insurance or through making a gift that will return to you an income for life such as a Charitable Gift Annuity, a Pooled Life Income Agreement or a Charitable Remainder Trust.

The Legacy League started with $3,900 on January 6, 1983. There is no record of who gave that money. At times, only a last name or no name is recorded for donors who gave money. If you have given to the Legacy League or know of someone who has, please let us know.

The Legacy League is intended to be a fund that is kept in perpetuity and the donors listed as their gifts keep on giving. Currently 90% of the interest is distributed to the Campership Fund of Luther Park, not the principal.

Additional information about the Endowment and how to donate is available from the camp. Contact us at 715-859-2215 or email info@LutherPark.org.