Confirmation Packet – Trading Spaces

Dear Trading Spaces Camper,

I want to thank you for choosing to attend Luther Park’s Trading Spaces program.  Trading Spaces is an exciting opportunity where you get a taste of both the main site in Chetek, and Luther Woods.  Luther Woods is 35 miles north, near Birchwood.  There are many adventures to be had this summer, and we look forward to exploring who we are as God’s children and how to care for God’s awesome creation in these two spaces.

At Luther Park you will stay in a cabin with your camp-mates and staff member.  You will have opportunities to swim in the pool, play basketball and eat in the Dining Center.  At Luther Woods you will bunk in a canvas platform tent.  You will also be able to swim and canoe in the lake, hike on the trails, play in a big open field and help cook your own meals over a fire. On Wednesday you will participate in a Trading Spaces ceremony as you exchange spaces with the other Trading Spaces Program.

While at Luther Woods we want you to have a rustic, real camping experience.  Meals at the Woods are planned with the following in mind: ease of preparation over a campfire, nutritional value, and popularity of the food.  While at Luther Park, you will gather for meals in the Dining Center.

In keeping with the camping spirit, we must show our respect for the land and others living around the camp. In order to do this, the camp staff has compiled a list of items you will need to bring with you and also a list of items to leave at home.  This list can be found in a link below.  Since space is limited in the tents at the Woods, anything extra that you bring along will be left at camp in a secure location while you are at the Woods.  The staff will help you pack-down to get ready for your adventure before you head to the Woods.

Our summer staff is trained in first aid and emergency procedures.  If it rains while at the Woods, the group will take shelter and wait out the storm.  If the weather is severe you will relocate to Luther Woods’ storm shelter.  If you have any questions, please call the camp office at (715) 859-2215.

Don’t forget to read the Facts Sheet for other important camp details. I am excited that you will be part of our Trading Spaces program this summer. May you discover God in amazing ways during your upcoming outdoor adventure!


Jon Schack
Program Director