Returning Staff Application

Greetings Returning Staff, Thank you for interest in serving the Luther Park community again in 2015!  We invite you to prayerfully consider your call to serve once again at Luther Park this summer.  You are fully aware of the blessing a summer at Luther Park is, and we have no doubt this summer will be another blessed time.  What an opportunity we have to further build up the faith lives of countless youth and adults together as a staff!!For more detailed information on job descriptions, click here.  Please return your completed application as soon as possible.  In order to be considered for a position, all reference letters must be received by Luther Park and an interview must be conducted – this includes former staff.  Interviews are held from January – March.  In-person interviews are highly preferred, but phone/Skype interviews are acceptable, if necessary.  Also, previous employment does not guarantee employment this summer.  Our community is one that needs a balance of returning and new staff. If you wish to be considered for a Team Leader Position your application must be postmarked on or before Saturday, February 2nd.   Blessings as you consider your calling to serve the community of Luther Park once again this summer.  Together, we can work for God’s glory as we serve and reach campers with God’s saving message through Jesus Christ.

Click HERE for the Returning Counselor Application!

Returning staff need to return 2 Reference Forms (vs. 3 references for new staff applicants)

And an Authorization Waiver

Once your materials have been handed in, we will contact you for an interview! Hope to see YOU at Luther Park this summer!

For any questions regarding employment, please contact:


office: 715-859-2215