New Staff Application

Dear Applicant,

Working at Luther Park this summer can be a life changing adventure for you.  It is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  It’s not so much the work, it’s the lifestyle.  A community of faith gathered in an outdoor setting to learn and grow by playing and singing and celebrating.  Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Working at a camp is great way to gain experience.  At camp you will gain skills in working with children as well as a few camp skills.  But even better than that, through a summer at Luther Park you’ll gain life skills.  Living within a close knit Christian community, learning to deal with conflict constructively, dealing effectively with sudden changes, and keeping your sense of humor under the strains and stresses are all life skills that you will develop while working at Luther Park. You will take these life skills with you when the summer ends.

The camp community gathers as the “body of Christ.”  The program is centered around helping and sharing.  You help campers gain knowledge about themselves and the world around them.  You teach them to live and work in groups harmoniously.  You share your faith and skills and understanding with the people around you.  You’ll find that by working with campers you’ll learn a lot about yourself.  You’ll learn to trust your judgment.  You’ll learn to communicate, to teach, to lead and to give of yourself. Click here to learn about more about the jobs that are available.  (openings are very limited for 2015 – Contact Jacquie for more info)

For some of you, it becomes a question of, “CAN I AFFORD TO WORK AT CAMP THIS SUMMER?”  As a college student, if there’s one thing you don’t need a course in, it’s about tightness of money.  Luther Park is a busy place, so you won’t have much time to spend all the money you make.  In addition, our program offers lots of free things to do on your time off as well as lots of people to do things with.  Consider the fact that your room and board (FREE FOOD!) and laundry expenses are all covered.  Can you afford it?  YES!!!

A SUMMER AT CAMP IS A GREAT RESUME BUILDER.  As we all know, the permanent job market is looking for more than just a college degree.  Employers want experience.  They want to see a successful track record in the real world. Working at camp may also fulfill some college internship requirements.

Can a summer job change your life?  It all depends on what you’re looking for.  Over the last 80 years, countless staff have found a summer at Luther Park to be unforgettable and life changing!

New Staff Application Materials:

Click HERE for the First Time Summer Staff Application

You will also need to submit 3 Reference Forms

And an Authorization Waiver

We will contact you once we receive all of your materials.

We hope to see YOU at Luther Park this summer!

For any questions regarding employment, please contact:
office: 715-859-2215